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Just a couple of bros with answers to all the world's problems...if only we could get someone to listen??

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Who are you guys?

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    Computer nerd by day, super-hero by night. I am pretty awesome and I like to be a role model to my kids, the definitive husband to my wife, and all around smarty pants wherever I can be, but I'm humble.
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    Pretty much the bees-knees when it comes to family and psycho-things. I like long walks on the beach, hundred-page research studies, and cooking with exotic ingredients like butter and flour. I am more humble than Tobey though. #truth

Our Latest Episode

Fool Me Once

Why is this world so untrustworthy? Why is it so hard to just get along? Well, the answer lies in our disposition towards the common good.

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In a Nutshell

We are here to look at the human condition through psychological, physiological, sociological, biological, theological, and even meteorological means all in an effort to make you smile, give you hope, or if nothing else, raise your blood pressure a little.

What am I listening to?

Crack Talk is a weekly podcast devoted to looking at life's seemingly little issues that tend to wreak so much havoc. We look at topics such as relationships, leadership, anxiety, mindfulness, empathy, religion, conversation, and anything else that fits within the psychology of everyday life. Join us each week as we feature special guests, special topics, and special insights as we tackle the problems of the world, one conversation at a time. We keep it clean, fun, informal, and frequently nerdy.

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