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A Whole New World

No, not like in Aladdin.

Oct 26 2018

Don't you hate when people rub you the wrong way? Or, are you the kind of person that does the rubbing? Either way, 'rubbin son, is racin.'

Coming to you (kinda live) from the Garden State of New Jersey, today's episode is keepin' it real for the coconuts. Not really, but you try writing show notes for 70 episodes and we'll see how original YOU are! See what we did there? We just made you feel attacked and slightly belittled. See what else we did there? Put feelings into your head unnecessarily. One more thing: DON'T THINK ABOUT A PINK POLAR BEAR SITTING ON A BABY GRAND PIANO. You're welcome. What this is all about is the way culture loads our conversation and more importantly, what we take from it (inferences, and that's a bad word around here). Oh well, it will be more fun (or is it funner??) when we're all up to our eyes in jello pudding pops (you're welcome again).