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What has four legs and flies? Say it with me: REGERT

Jul 16 2018

YES! We are still on #REGERT! But...and it's a big butt (I mean, 'but'), we are gonna help decipher it a little more and try to make sense of it.

So you may have heard of this little thing called 'regert'? Well, it's this nasty little trick our brains play on us where it makes us think we are doing something good, but turns out, OUR BRAINS DON'T CARE! We know, it's confusing, and ironically makes your brain hurt in the process, but that's what we've been talking about: the LAZY brain. This just means that our brains really liek to be efficient, and what's another for efficiency? Lazy. It isn't that our brains don't like ti work, it just means they like to do as little work as possible to save energy. It's kind of like a fever. Our brain says, 'CRANK THE HEAT AND BURN THOSE LITTLE !@#$^%*!@ OUT!' but it kind of goes overboard and can end up damaging us long term, ultimately. When our brains are happy, i.e. lazy, they like to influence our decision-making self into picking the easiest option (which, unfortunately, is usually not the right one). This makes our brains happy but our cognizant selves miserable. Join us for this 'sparkly' episode to learn how to hijack that little disconnect.