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Artificial Intelligence

E does not always equal MC2.

Sep 28 2018

When we say artificial intelligence, we do not mean super smart robots, but actually the opposite: incredibly dumb people...

As Murray Goldberg likes to say, 'No telephone! No Atari! No robits!' Today, we're talking about artificial intelligence but not as they relate to robits and machines, but more about the artificial intelligence we ascribe to other people. If we spent more time understanding ourselves than we did idolizing superficial acts of others, it is highly probable we would feel a lot better about our current states and real progress towards our hopes and dreams. This is exactly what set Abraham Lincoln apart and makes him such easy subject matter for leadership topics. However, when we don't stop and consider all that Honest Abe had to contend with, we miss everything about what he achieved and wrongly attribute great 'leadership' where it shouldn't be attributed. Also, first three people to comment on our Facebook page or send us a tweet, gets a free Crack Talk Juice Box!