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Bacon Burger Doll

Whoa! Season 7, Episode 7, December 7!

Dec 07 2018

#EmbraceTheSuck. Would that work as a tattoo? It is important to remember that in every experience, good or bad, there is a lesson for our good to be learned, so get out there and learn it!

Taking the time to objectively and sincerely reflect through our life experiences is one of the greatest actions we can take when we truly desire personal growth. Much like ripping off a Band-Aid, asking the tough questions about our failures can be very painful. It takes fortitude, confidence, self-esteem, and most importantly, a desire to change. Change is not bad. It is uncertain. It is scary. But, it is inevitable. If we learn how to manage our emotions and take what we can from each experience, we can better utilize our superpowers and defeat the bad guys (depression, despair, anger, and resentment) once and for all. However, just like in the movies, we can never eradicate them, so we best make every effort to grow as strong as we can. Frohe Weihnachten!