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Balancing Act

Spreading Joy, Love, and Cream Cheese

Mar 05 2018

Wow, what a great episode this week! We welcome yet another awesome guest to help us learn the secret of work-life balance, or as Jack so aptly said, 'work-life-harmony.' This episode is chock-full o' tweetable moments. Strap in for a great time!

Joy, love, and cream cheese?? Yep, you heard us right. Welcome a very special guest this week as we discuss work-life balance, or as Jack said, work-life harmony. We had so many tweetable moments will Bill from Ozark Mountain Bagel Company in northwest Arkansas (go getcha some!). A tremendous role model, community leader, and genuine lover of people. You cannot help but want to get out and spread joy and love, or as he loves to say, #slinggrace. It is a wonderful time discussing how to enjoy life and work no matter what you do when it is all about the relationships you create and invest in (doesn't this sound familiar?). Go visit them on Facebook ( or their website ( You do NOT want to miss this one!