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It's time to get our superhero on.

Sep 21 2018

So we decided to take the book idea and run with it. We want to dig into this idea of HEROIC leadership a little further and see what we can make of it.

Be HEROIC. There is so muched packed into such a little word. Of course, being an acronym it is obviously loaded, but think about that word 'heroic' for a moment. Does it instill a sense of awe and amazement? Does it make you think of Superman, Batman, and Captain Marvel? What if we told you that deep inside each and everyone of us, beats the heart of a hero? We are not saying to run into burning buildings, dodge bullets, or eat veggie burgers, but we are saying that the potential to make a difference in someone's life is easily within our grasp. That is what it means to be HEROIC. You can distill any leadership/self-help theory or mantra into any acronym you like (it just so happens, 'HEROIC' is ours...LOL), but they all come out the same. We try to find that thing inside us that gives us the joy in life we all search for and we would almost guarantee interaction with another person is embedded somewhere within your definiton and desire.