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Better Look Twice

First impressions aren't always what they seem.

Aug 30 2018

Today we dig into a common misconception (and perception) about leadership and those we label as leaders, namely, that position, environment, or outcome is the mark of great leaders.

Leadership is such a vast area of learning with much left to study, and we are only scratching the surface. There are so many misconceptions and false perceptions about what leadership is, what makes leaders great, and most importantly, how to achieve. Books number in the tens of thousands on how to be a 'great' leader and the truth of it is, it may be one of those topics that can never be fully qualified. MANY theories exist trying to quantify and qualify leadership; Thousands upon thousands of surveys, seminars, presentations, and paradigms exist to explain it and define it, yet all fall short and take so many great people down with them. Anywho, join us for another rousing romp through the netherworld of the human psyche as we dig into more discussion!