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Deep Six

Push those feelings WAY down deep!

Dec 03 2018

Is it even possible to forgive AND forget? Maybe not, but it really is in our best interest to learn, rather than dwell, on bad experiences.

We like to throw the phrase around, 'forgive and forget' but do we really? Is it even possible? We think what is really being said is, 'don't bring it back up until you can use it against the person or situation that caused it,' right? Well, as you've heard us say over and over, it is all about the journey. Our lives are the culmination of all every wrong-doing, back-stabbing, double-crossing, two-faced, blessing, and favor we ever encounter. Rather than ruminate on them (as Jack likes to say), LEARN from them. Take the time to think through the experience and figure out what you missed the first time. What can you do to add to your journey rather than detract from it? This world only goes 'round once. Make the best of it!