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Do or Do Not

Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy!

May 07 2018

Tonight we jump into some deep 80s movie nostalgia and bring out some great sociological issues. Join as we discuss how life-changing events are a little more frequent than we think and how we are never fully defined.

So have you watched #CobraKai on YouTube Red!? Well, if not, DO IT NOW! Yes, the acting is a little cheezy (and mostly on Daniel Larusso/Ralph Macchio's part), but it is a great look at how we take life events and either learn from them (in Johnny's case) or let them rule over us (as in Daniel's case). We need to look at the events in our lives not as drastic, altering moments, but rather opportunities for growth and change. After all, that is what life is all about. We also share our infinite wisdom on the opposite sex and how best to please them so as to live a long and happy life, with a loving and understanding wife. You've heard it before, 'happy wife, happy life.' Just don't be that dude that thinks he is God's gift to dudes and chicks because, newsflash, ya ain't. #JusticeForJohnny #CobraKai #DoOrDie #CrackTalk