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Emotional Dynamite

Whatever I feel like I'm gonna do, gosh!

Jul 09 2018

The best thing about making decisions from an emotionally supercharged state? You are guaranteed to look back on it later and wish you had handled it differently.

We are at war, people. War with the very thing meant to keep us safe. That thing? Our brain and its inner-workings. In a obsessive-compulsive drive, our brains are constantly seeing comfort, clarity, and closure. When our emotions take fire up, our brain is more than happy to comply (and suggest) the worst of decisions to help return to its state of low-energy, high-efficiency existence. It is the brain's way of reaching homeostasis (which is just a bis psycho-babble word meaning, equilibrium). Our brains do not like being out of whack and having our emotions running on super-extreme mode isn't helping matters any. The next time you get that nasty gram from your boss, or your kids make you want to pull every last hair out, do yourself a favor and remove yourself from the situation and find a way to calm down. We cannot make good decisions when we are running on over-drive. Yes, the decision may be justified, by you are gar-on-teed to feel loads of REGERT and inevitably, you will look back on the incident in a few days/weeks/months, and realize you could have handled it better. Rather than wait to make a decision later looking back, make a decision NOW (while you're calm) and decide how you will handle that incident in the future. You'll thank us later! Hope y'all had a safe and wonderful 4th of July!