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Employee of the Month

When do I get paid?

Apr 09 2018

Today we talk ENTITLEMENT (cue ominous music). Picking up where we left off last week, why do some people feel having a job is a right or an entitlement? Are we getting lazy as a country and a society? Where is the passion and drive to work for the sake of providing for you and your family? Join us as we talk more about this with a very special guest joining us all the way from Minne-SNOW-ta, don'cha'know? Ya sure you betcha!

You've heard us talk about him on many other episodes, but tonight we finally have him with us! Who, you may ask? Well fire up this episode to find out. We are talking more about the breakdown in employee expectations through a nasty little word called, 'ENTITLEMENT.' What are people drinking these days to think having a job is a right? That somehow, business owners OWE them a job or something? What happened to the good ol' days where people worked for the joy of being able to provide for the family, not to see how much they can squeeze the employer or government for? Yes, we live in a difficult society and we have some of the fiercest tax laws in the world, but the American dream is within reach for everyone when coupled with a healthy amount of determinism, hard work, and integrity (oooh, there's that word again). It all comes down to your true priorities, but what are you expectations as a worker? There is much to be said about tonight's topic so you do NOT want to miss this one. And, just to see if you reading all of this juicy little text, the first person to give us a shout out on Instagram or Twitter with the hastag '#CoconutNation' will get their very own Crack Talk Juice Box! Come on people, let's get tweeting! #AnotherShamelessPlus #CrackTalkJuiceBox