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Fakie Frontside 180

Life is too short for fake butter, cheese, or people.

Nov 09 2018

When life hands you a fakie, turn it into a frontside 180 and watch the world spin.

Being fake (or superficial as we like to say) isn't always as simple as it seems. We have the potential (and most likely are) to be fake on a daily basis. When we justify our behaviors with illogical reasoning (i.e. 'I'm the best', 'You're stupid', 'Because I want it', etc., etc., etc.) we can probably be sure superficiality has set in, right? How do we combat this? Well, take a wild guess...HEROIC, right? We counter superficiality with Responsibility. This means rather than seeing an interaction as something for personal gain, how can we view it as gain for the other person? How can we get a fakie frontside 180 on the other person (that means, how can we get them to go a different direction for their enjoyment and betterment)? This is where Responsibility trumps superficiality every time. Make sense? Well, sit back and settle in on this one and we'll explain it.