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quando omni flunkus mortati

Feb 19 2018

What does it mean to 'lead by example'? Can this actually be a bad thing, or maybe misleading? We believe it is. Tonight we talk about why leading by example is not the best place to hang your hat.

So why is 'leading by example' a bad thing? Well what happens when your 'leader' messes up? Did he or she intend to do that? Does 'leading by example' only count when the leader is working hard, sweating passion, doing everything that needs to be done? What about the times when the leader is doing all of the other duties that no one else is doing in hopes that someone will take notice and step up? Well, news flash coconuts: There...ain' Oh wait, wrong analogy. It...ain't...gonna...happen...period. When the leader takes up the slack, the 'followers' are just gonna get lazier. What we should be doing (as leaders, or expecting as followers) is to MODEL (or BE) THE BEHAVIOR WE EXPECT. This is important and we dive deep into the coconut sheel tonight with a very special guest. Join us and find out why. Oh, and the next time you see a first-responder, tell them 'Hi', 'Thanks', 'We love you', or buy them a beer, an ice cream, or get a selfie. Post it up on our Facebook page (, shout it out on Twitter (#cracktalk), or give 'em some Instagram love (! #welovefirstresponders