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Get Er Done

Habit #3: Put First Things First.

Aug 06 2018

The third habit is about prioritizing those things in your life that will actually impact your future and removing anything that doesn't. However, if you remove non-priority things, then what's left is already prioritized, so what is there to prioritize??

This episode, we focus on habit number 3, which despite Dr. Covey's insistance it is about imagination, it is really about prioritization (per him). Anyway, the idea is really about focusing on what matters and eliminating what doesn't. We certianly agree with this idea and they are words to live by, but hte interesting thing about weeding out the non-important things is, if all of your non-priority things have been removed, then what is left to prioritize?? We discuss this interesting aspect and much more on this episode, so be sure to join us as we make our way through. Also, be sure to tune in next episode as we drop the bomb on a nifty new feature of the podcast that is sure to get you on the edge of your seat, or at the very least, get you thinking a little more. Stick around coconuts, it only gets better!