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Hello My Name Is

Labels are for sissies

Jun 25 2018

W.C. Fields said it best when he said, 'It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to.' Labeling, yourself or others, can have long-term, serious effects. Make sure you're straight on where you stand to be able to grow to be your best.

When you are labeled, or if you are labeling others, you create a roadblock to your own development and growth. This lasting E-ffect (not A-ffect) can be so sneaky and debiliating, that sometimes we don't even know it is happening. Maybe we do know, but it is entirely possible you may not even know where the label came from or what the label may even be. This is how deceptively destructive labeling can be. Labels are not only applied to people, but they can be applied to businesses, groups, even concepts like organizational visions and missions (these are generally referred to as mental models) and they can be just as destructive, but when applied at the organizational level, we now have to be concerned for the well-being of not only the company or organization, but also each and every person within the organization. Join us today as we dig into this deep topic as we close in on the end of season 3. We are still soliciting feedback from our survey ( to learn how we can improve Crack Talk. We also look at some fun-in-numbers regarding how you enjoy Crack Talk and other things from the nerdery. As usual, follow us on facebook ( and let us know what you're thinking!