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Hold the Mayo

Feedback sandwich please.

Jun 11 2018

Hey, can I get a little bacon on that sandwich!? How do you take your feedback, plain or slathered between a couple buns of positivity?

So how do you prefer to receive feedback? There is a popular technique in modern organizational studies to utilize the 'feedback sandwich.' This means you open with positive, insert the negative negative, then close with positive again. The idea is it is easier to take and easier to administer. This is all well and good, but the problem is it tends to make the recipient feel handled or maniuplated. In the case of a supervisor/subordinate, if they are called into the office or approached in the work area, they are already apprehensive and to be told, 'We need to talk' only sets up the anxiety even more. The better approach is to simply be honest and direct with your feedback, but more importantly, is to be caring, understanding, and emotionally astute to the personal needs and circumstances of the recipient. Either approach is fine IF you know who you are talking to and you have taken the time to get to know them. Then, when the negative (or constructive) feedback is given, they will see truly for what it is: an honest effort from a superior/mentor/coach to help him or her succeed (which is the TRUE role of leaders anyway). Even in the worst of times, feedback is meant to correct and improve, never to demean and belittle. Grab your favorite Earl of Sandwich and join us for another delicious episode!