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It Means Working Together

Habit #6: SYNERGIZE!

Aug 16 2018

One more to go! We are closing in on the last habit as we work through #6: SYNERGIZE!

Well, despite our rant regarding Dr. Covey's reference to Sir Winston Churchill somehow being relevant to the topic of synergy (spoiler isn't), the point of synergy is WORKING TOGETHER. It naturally feeds off of habits 4 and 5, 'Think Win-Win' and 'Seek First to Understand', synergey is about putting the plans and ideas created in those two habits into action. It is not just collaboration, although it kind of is, syngery is about mutually beneficial goals, almost dependent (where collaboration could have independent goals, even though all parties got what they wanted): A campaign manager and a nominee working towards the the election is synergy; Coke and Pepsi agreeing to put soda machines next to each other is collaboration. There is much to be said on this topic as we close in on the end, so get settled in, we get a little fired up in this one!