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Just Let Your Soul Glo

Make it oh so silky smooth

Nov 19 2018

It takes more than an army to win a battle. Separating the authoritarian from the humble is an undertaking worthy of the task. Make it a good one.

Today we talk about the MASSIVE amount of money Mark Zuckerberg lost in this last year ($20 BILLION!!!), but we actually have a point with this. Mostly in his response to his employees, we see his true leadership come out and how it is so recognizable in so many leaders. What we do see are 'anti-qualities.' By this, we mean we see these qualities that appear to be important, necessary, and fundamental to great leaders, but the truth is they detract from the true purpose of leadership, which is to improve the lives of those you lead to THEIR betterment. It is very important that we make these distinctions as we interact with those around us and seek to leverage the influence we are given.