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Kicking It Off

We might just qualify as being mad ourselves

Aug 27 2018

Welcome to season 5! We kick off this season with a little discussion on upcoming movies, the current idiot challenge of the day, and also talk about some problems with contemporary ideals on leadership.

First it was guns. Then it was 'regert.' Now, it's A First-Rate Madness. Sometimes we just land on a topic that is so good, it bears repeating many times in many episodes. For our season opener, we wanted to spend some time giving you an idea of what to expect in season 5, but instead we seemed to have veered somewhat in movie discussion, social challenges, and of course, A First-Rate Madness. There is so much awesome packed into that book, that it is hard to stop talking about. Howver, we do use its premise to launch into what we will be covering (in part) this season, namely, understanding the environment in which we find ourselves so as to make more accurate reflections and assessments regarding the leadership styles and expectations of ourselves, and those we may follow. This is gonna be a great next couple of weeks, so get your thinking caps on! It's time to get a little nuts.