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Kiss My Grits

Jack? Jack? Where'd ya go??

Sep 14 2018

With Hurricane Florence bearing down, we have a little more to talk about. Oh yeah, and we're gonna add another episode!

Well, life has hit and Jack is out this episode as he spends time focusing on school and work (and school-work), so Tobey will keep the conversation going. We do wish safe travels and hunkering down(??) to all of our east coast friends in light of the hurricane. In this episode, Tobey will dive into some issues with using Lincoln, and many others, who are often referred to as 'great' leaders we should emulate or something. The problem is, we are not THEM, in THEIR time, going through THEIR trials, suffering THEIR problems. Leadership, like many other things, is NON-TRANSFERRABLE. What this means is, leadership is 'episodic' and DEPENDENT on the time, place, and those involved and only in THAT environment will leadership blossom, IF IT IS TO BLOSSOM AT ALL. Make sense? Well, it may not, but that's our story and we're stickin' to it! There is much to the study of this thing called 'leadership', and much like Facebook and its terrible news feed algorithm, the acadmeic community of leadership is definitely pushing its own intentions on what IT thinks YOU want. Peace out 'ombres!