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Looking Back

Do they give out awards for podcasting?

Apr 23 2018

For our mid-season show, we look back over season 2 and talk about past guests, past conversations, and look forward to what likes ahead. A very special thanks to each and every one of our guests and listeners for spending time with us. We are very grateful for each of you!

What a wonderful season! We look back over some past episodes and guests and reflect on what has transpired. We also look forward to next season and what that will bring. We are eternally grateful to each of our listeners and guests who have joined us from both season one and season two and we look forward to spending time with you as well as new listeners and new guests in season 3. Don't forget to get out in your community and volunteer or thank someone! Show them some love on Instagram or Twitter and pick up some cool Crack Talk swag in the process! Visit us on our website ( and let us know what you're thinking!