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Love the Noun

Guns, politics, and religion. #WCGW

Mar 12 2018

Well, we've turned a corner coconuts. Tonight's episode certainly exposed our soft underbelly as we try to continue talking about leadership but veer tremendously into volatile ground. It's a good one, but all over the map!

Sooo...we may have strayed a bit on this one... We tried to keep it focused on leadership, and specifically dealing with conflict, but in light of our last few episodes, we ventured into hot topic territory with more talk on guns, politics, and religion. Of course, we managed to sneak some leadership principles in to continue the conversation from last week with Bill, but one of us may have climbed onto a soapbox once or twice... Anyway, there is much to be said for the way we deal with conflict, but nothing more importantly than looking past the person and focusing on the issue. As Jack always says, 'love the noun, hate the verb.' Don't attack the person, address the issue. We don't have to agree on the manner in which we believe the problem needs solved, but if we want a successful outcome, we had darn sure work together on it. Hang in there our little coconuts, we might hit light speed with this one! Don't forget to get some Crack Talk swag. Go to our website ( and get hooked up!