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I won't do what you tell me.

Jun 04 2018

We've been talkin' about biscuit burning, but now we're curious, what motivates YOU?

Back on track! We do apologize for the late postings these last couple of weeks, but we've have taken the initiative to get back on schedule. Tonight, we drag up that ol' dog of motivation. What does marching band have to do with management? Well, quite a bit as it turns out as you will hear in this (clearly one-side) episode (sorry Jack..). The key point is not to let others dictate who you will be. You may not be able to kick down a door and demand a promotion or a raise, but that doesn't mean you have to resolve yourself to the box you've been placed into by others. We can never stop trying to be who we want to be. Yes, it may mean we need to work harder than others, we may have to go farther than we wanted, and we may have to wait longer than we wanted, but giving up is not an option is we desire true happiness. Don't let the big scary word 'compartmentalize' keep you from recognizing it when it happens. Just remember, it means someone else is putting you in a box of THEIR design and understanding. It is all about getting them to see the limitations they are putting on you. This is a great episode and a bit long ot keep you glued to your chair. Jump on our Facebook page and let us know your story. We would love to hear it!