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Open Up and Say Ahh

Is Marching Band a Sport

Nov 12 2018

We welcome the oft-talked about Madelyn to the show to discuss the age-old debate, is marching band a sport. And...we talk about HEROIC.

As we move through HEROIC, we encounter Openness next on our journey. Openness is what guides us to new experiences and provides the means to learn. As Maddy and I discuss the heated topic of the qualification marching band as a sport, we weave HEROIC throughout to show ample opportunity for growth and learning. When we learn to see ourselves and our interactions through these six behavioral aptitudes, we begin to notice not only their connectivity, but their absolutely fundamental hold on positive and effective personal growth. It demonstrates so well how we can become generative in our human-to-human influence. We want to know your thoughts though, get on facebook and let us know if you think marching is or is not a sport.