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Purposeful Satisfaction

Purpose is measured by satisfaction

Mar 26 2018

Leaving the gun debate behind, we get back on track with our true purpose this season: leadership. We welcome yet another special guest to help us understand the link betweeb satisfaction and success.

How do you define success? Where do you seek satisfaction? What is your purpose in life? We dig deep into these topics with our special guest this week. A long-time educator and local leader, our guest shed slight on leadership and the way we seek to fill the lives of others. As he said so perfectly, leadership is about 'getting others to go to places that they never thought they could get to.' That, our little coconuts, is what leadership is all about. It has nothing to do with position, authority, power, or perception. It is all about the benefit given to others that defines the level of leadership provided. Many great thoughts in this week's episode that you don't want to miss. By the way, don't miss out on our new weekly Facebook Live broadcast! We welcome any and all who would like to participate. We simply gather 'round the campfire to talk about the latest episdoe, current events, whatever's on your mind. We are here to talk! And, as always, like us on Facebook, leave us a review on iTunes, give us a shout out on Twitter and Instagram. We love getting feedback (and love) from our lovely coconuts. Lastly, thank an educator this week!