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Repetitive Regert

Yep, you read it right...regert.

Jul 12 2018

No, it's not a typo. Well, it is, but it is intentional so it isn't. Make sense? Anyway, we're talking about the visious cycle of regret (see, I know how to spell).

OUR BRAINS ARE LAZY! Now that we have your attention, what we mean is (and have been saying), is that our brains don't want to be burdened with spending extra energy on thinking new thoughts (does your brain hurt after that one?). Basically, as we talked in previous episodes, our brains want to schematize, compartmentalize, and anthropomorphise everything we come into contact with (well, not that last, at least not in this context) because it is easier to make a decision on something our brain already knows how to deal with. If you run into something you have never dealt with before, your brain has to create new thought patterns and actions to deal with, and it don't like dat berry much. Hit us up twitter to let us know what you're thinking!