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Resolve 'To Be'

Wise to resolve and patient to perform - Homer

Dec 31 2017

We look at the underlying issues behind New Year's resolutions and the secret to keeping goals. There's more to it than a 'can do' attitude.

Today we are talking about New Year's resolutions and why they are so difficult to keep. Why is that? What is it about goal-setting and goal-keeping that seem to make them at odds with each other? Psychological studies have shown that failing to achieve goals can create a neurological bias that causes us to 'enjoy' failure! We have to re-teach our brains on how it SHOULD feel when we fail at something. This does not mean we accept our lot in life or presume to believe we are doomed to failure. It simply means learning how to take the good with the bad and understanding the bigger picture. It sometimes means looking at the whole and not the parts.