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Sex Lies and Videotape

No, not like that ya filthy animals.

Sep 24 2018

Jack is solo mio today. He's gonna have a little conversation today about some trends in our current society, namely, sex, gender, and feeling alienated.

Today, Jack tackles the issues of sex and gender and how our society and our biology conflict with one another. He will break down how we tend to create norms (i.e. stereotypes in this particular case) that cause many of the problems we see today. He will help us to see past these 'norms' and understand the person underneath. This serves a nice little break from all our leadership talk, so just sit tight for a few more days and we will be back on that hayride! As Jack says, nothing better than enjoying this gorgeous fall weather than enjoying some fresh coffee in a Crack Talk juice box. Head over to our website and click the link to order yours today!