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Shoulda Beena Cowboya

I'm a cowboy, yessir, I am. Yessir I am a cowboy.

Jul 19 2018

Hey, guess what!? We're not doing #REGERT anymore! Hahahaha, just kidding. Yes we are! But...this is the last one, we promise! ;)

Okay, we know you're probably getting sick of hearing us say 'regert' instead of 'regret', but hey, it is what it is and that's all it is. Right? Right. However, rather than just talk about it, we're gonna talk about how to deal with it. We're gonna apply a common organizational planning technique that helps deal with change systematically. You may have heard it called PDCA, OPDCA, FACTUAL, DMAIC, ABLE, etc. ad nauseum. We're gonna walk our way through a process of journaling, reflecting, seeking feedback, making a plan, acting on the plan, and being accountable for that plan. We know, long-winded, but hey, the episodes are smaller now so win-win! We want to send a very special 'thank you' out to all of our lovely coconuts for helping us get to the front page on Apple Podcasts. You are the reason we are there because it was a team effort! Share Crack Talk with all your homies and welcome in some new nuts to the family. Hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course, you're favorite podcast app. We are here for you! Peace out Coconuts!