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Sit Ubu Sit

Don't be gutless. Be HEROIC

Sep 19 2018

We blow the roof off this mother with mind-blowing brilliance and utterly unstoppable brain things. You DON'T want to miss this one!

So what attribute would you define as being found in a good leader? There are many, and we don't want to poison the well, but seriously, take a few minutes and think about those qualities or traits you see in leaders you deem 'good.' Any by 'good' we really mean effective. Good implies morality, and as we discussed in the last episode, morality does not necessarily correlate with leadership. In this episode, we stumble onto a million-dollar idea and one that will probably lead to many more episodes (well, at least 6). Join us as we discuss more about this thing called leadership and a new way to make it part of your daily life, so you too can be the leader you've always dreamed of. Not really, but it is a fun topic and one that we feel bears more discussion. Let us know your thoughts and opinions. Follow us Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite podcast app. Get a link to all of this and more at our website:!