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Slow Your Roll Cowboy

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Jul 02 2018

All too often we fall into the trap of immediate reward and excessive commitment. Why is this? How do we combat it? Why do owe ask so many questions? Today we answer all of these questions and more.

Our worlds (and more specifically, our brains) are often overwhelmed with a need and a drive for urgency. We need that new car NOW. We need that Hostess Cupcake NOW. We agree to something we KNOW we cannot deliver on because of the instant reward. I know that cupcake does nothing for me, but the sweet, chocolately, amazingness that sits before me will make me feel oh so Yes Mr./Ms. Manager I will take on this new responsibility NOW even though I have no time and in six months I will probably be fired for being unable to deliver. To get past these nuclear-bomb-type catastrophies that our brains so frequently bestow upon us, we need to slow down. Slow down our thinking, slow down our reaction, slow down, period. This doesn't mean there is never a time for quick thinking, it is just about understanding the difference and the pitfalls with each. Join us today as we discuss this peculiar and very intriguing aspect of that 'lump that's three-feet above our @$$'. Hang loose coconuts!