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Social Skills

Did you see what that woman did to Popeyes!?

Apr 30 2018

For our season three opener, we look at some weird goings-on in this little world of ours and address our season topic of personal entitlement. We talked about it in the workplace, but now we're going to look at it in how it relates to the world at large.

NO! You aren't allowed to act however you want just because you didn't get what you thought you should! What is it about people that they feel entitled to behave like a--holes?? If we all derserve equal treatment, then that means we all deserve competent, well-adjusted behavior, doesn't it? Just because Popeye's didnt get your order right doesn't mean you can freak out and trash the place! We've all been there. Some idiot cuts you off in traffic, takes the last watermelon at the grocery store, or is vaping in class, but does this justify our behavior in lashing out? We need to remember social norms exist for a reason and are put in place by the society that comprises the population. This culture of #ExpectantAccomodation is getting to disturbing levels. As the maitre'd said in Ferris Bueller, "I weep for the future." #CrackTalk