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Squirrel and Nuts

Double standards!? Well that doesn't apply to us.

Oct 17 2018

Doing as we do, we look to ancient texts as an external opinion as to the way society operates. Social interaction is such a significant part of human behavior. Actually, can the two operate independently of one another?

Crack Talk goes where others fear to tread. It’s pandemonium, our lovely coconuts and today’s podcast is packed full of straight nuttiness. Leading the way, Jack reads from the book of Genesis. But hang on to your seats because we aren’t going religious on you, we are just meandering down the road to how the Philadelphia Eagles might be able to improve their losing season. The craziness doesn’t stop there. Next up, Jack is asking for listener opinion on women’s right to wear whatever they want in public places. To clarify, is it ok for women to wear skimpy clothing in public? We are looking for YOUR opinion! Is it ok for women to wear clothing that is revealing the majority of her body? Is it okay for a man? Where does one standard start and the other stop? So much to say, and so little time to do it. Jump in and let's get crackin!