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Stop the Insanity

It's like Groundhog Day!

Mar 19 2018

We had every intention of staying away from the gun debate, but it's just too hard (insert whiny-kid voice). We really are intent on talking leadership this season and there is leadership to be found in many instances, you just have to dig a little deeper. Oh yeah, and it's March Madness. How's YOUR bracket?

You know, a person would think that it would be fairly easy to STAY ON TOPIC with these podcasts, but today is a prime example of that NOT happening... We really are trying to stay off of guns because it is a volatile and polarizing subject, and since we are here to educate, proliferate, and even humor-ate (yes, just made that up), we can't help ourselves sometimes. We do talk leadership and how it avails itself in many different situations. It does not only reside in authoritative positions, nor is it found lacking amongst everyday people. Leadership exists where we create it and that is our point (and cause for derailment) in that we do not do enough to create and embrace true leadership from the bottom to the top. It is everyopne's responsibility to encourage mutual growth through common influence. We need to stop being partisan defendents and start coming together towards an ideal goal. We have to lay ourselves open to critique and opinion for the sake of finding the best solution, not simply the one that fits OUR agenda. We'll get back on track, just hang in there with us! Juice boxes! Get your juice boxes! Go to our website ( and get hooked up!