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Superficial Aggregation

Huh? What in the heck does that mean? It means making something outta nothing...

Sep 10 2018

What does Abraham Lincoln have to do with leadership? Not as much as the $9 billion spent every year analyzing leadership leads you to believe.

Abraham Lincoln, along with many others, was a great leader. But by what definition? Was he great because of himself, or because of society? Did he make himself great or was greatness thrust upon him? Today we look at the ever-increasing phenomenon of 'superficial aggregation,' or mkaing something out of nothing. What we mean is, Abraham Lincoln is often cast as one of the great leaders in human history. Scores of books, articles, societies, and the like have tried to push the agenda of his greatness based solely on the national stage in which he found himself. And, based on the results, he is labeled a 'great leader.' We're not saying he wasn't, quite the contrary, but his greatness as a leader was due more to the mental struggles he faced rather than anything noble and innate to his being. Our point: if you aren't living in 19th-century America and suffering from sever depression (amongst a plethora of many other issues), trying to discern leaderhsip qualities from Lincoln is like trying to squeeze blood from the proverbial turnip. Happy Squeezing!