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Swing the Hammer

There is no substitute for hard work. Thomas Edison

Apr 16 2018

This is it, our season 2 finale! Wow, hard to believe we are 20 episodes in, but we do it style. Today we have two very special guests join us to talk about the role and need of strong, disciplining, father figures. As men, we need to step up and be men for our children, our families, and our country. As our guests like to say, 'Get out there and #SwingTheHammer!' This is a must-listen-to episode to wrap up season 2 with a bang!

Nathan Aish and Robbie Chasse join us all the way from California to discuss their grassroots organization, Journeymen of San Diego; a wonderful organization to teach young men life skills, vocational capabilities, and leadership qualities. We discuss everything from the lost ideals of older generations to the problems palguing our current society. Robbie and Nathan share with us how the impact of fatherless guidance is devastating our country. Of course, our current society doesn't like to hear this, that being a 'man' is fundamental to the success, growth, and sustainability of our country, but the fact is there. We are challenging all the men out there in coconut nation to step up and #SwingTheHammer, as Nathan and Robbie like to say. It's time to teach our young men what being a man is all about. Get out there and share the wealth of knowledge you have gained. If someone took time to share it with you , it's your duty to pass it on to the next generation. We would love to see our lovely coconuts out swingin hammers. Snap a pic and share it on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #SwingTheHammer (and #CrackTalk of course). We'll pick some lucky winners to get an o-fish-al Crack Talk Juice Box. Let's get crackin!