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Teach Them Well

What is it about Jesse and why does everyone want a piece of him!?

Nov 16 2018

Take advantage of the positional authority you enjoy and use it for the good of others. You have their attention, do something with it. :)

Why do managers, supervisors, executives, moms, dads, and coaches all seem to command attention more than siblings, co-workers, and teammates? It's because of that little title behind their name. Does that make them better human beings? Not in the least. What about the fact that your CEO probably gave more money away in a month than you made in a year? Does that make her/him better? Absolutely not! It all comes down to the human capital we interact with. Do you realize that by investing your time, energy, knowledge, skill, etc., etc. into another person, you WILL become infinitely more valuable than any dirtbag CEO (and I mean CEOs who are truly dirtbags, not CEOs in general)? Think about what makes you truly valuable to someone else? What can YOU do to make others feel that same way? Come on in and see how this shakes out.