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Teeter Totter

Season 6? WHAAAT!?

Oct 10 2018

If we've said it once, we've probably said it more than once: Human beings have an 'ineet' drive to be social. Why else is Facebook and Twitter so popular!? Think about it.

We DESIRE to be with other people. You may think you are an introvert, or a homebody, or even 'anti-social', but the truth is, we do have a fundamental NEED to interact with others. We thrive on it. We grow from it. We learn by it. Why else do you think Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and the rest of the social media gamut are so popular? Because we CRAVE it. This isn't a failure on our society or within our culture; it is part of our neurological, psychological, physiological, and spiritual makeup. We are hard-wired to be involved with others, despite how much you may think you dislike others. Sure, there are many different people who are jack-wangs and plenty others who make it really difficult to believe we did NOT come from protozoic amoeba, but when push comes to shove, there is undoubtedly at least some ONE in your life who you enjoy being around. Guess what? That's social need right there. Do not shun social interaction and the benefit we gain from it because of a select few mouth-breathers. Get out and enjoy life and humanity. Be a gud hooman. Oh yeah, GET A FREAKIN JUICE BOX, WILL YA!? Just give us a shout of Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #IWANTMYJUICEBOX and we will hook you up!