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The Devil Made Me Do It

We want what we want when we want it, i.e. gotta have it now!

Jul 05 2018

We live in an ever-increasing world of instant gratification and satisfaction, but how often do we go after those short-term rewards (or wins) only to look back with long-term regret?

Our world is built on 'gotta have it now.' Why do you think Facebook is so popular? Why are there more smartphones on this planet than there are people? Why is there now such as thing known as the 'Google Effect' (The tendency to forget information that can be found readily online by using Internet search engines)? Because we want what we want when we want, i.e. NOW! I want that new car now with a massive interest rate and 8-year loan because I feel invicible in the unknown. I want that Hostess Cupcake now and I will deal with the consequences later. We make these gotta-have-it-now decisions based on a small issue our brains have with predicting how we will FEEL in the next 3 months, 6 months, 8 years. I will take that new job with a 2-hour commute because it is great money. The drive won't bother me, you say to yourself. Let's see how you feel in six months! It is very difficult (i.e. IMPOSSIBLE) for our brains to gauge how we will feel about something when it is way out in the future. Maybe we even trick ourselves into thinking something better will come along and save me. Listen up coconuts, if frogs had wings...well you know. Get settled in, we're taking off!