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The Erosion of Empathy

It's cloud's illusions I recall

Jan 07 2018

Today's a doozy! We are talking about the decay of interaction due to how we converse in social media.

With technology looming around every corner and prying its way into every aspect of our lives, how do we keep our human nature human? Social media encourages an environment of selective and selfish behavior by eroding our ability to be empathic (or empathetic, your choice). Today we start the first of a two-part series looking at how lack of empathy and over-abundance of false security can lead to destructive conversations and the decay of social betterment. We all have a responsibility in this social world and maybe 'looking out for number one' isn't the bes strategy. It's gonna be great (and man is it a long one!). Strap in tight our little coconuts, it's a doozy!