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The Full Monty

Let's get naked! (with our feelings)

Oct 01 2018

Going nude isn't just for taking off our clothes, it also means baring your thoughts and emotions for others to see.

Well this is one for the books! Jack keeps us entertained today with his thoughts and opinions on the current state of our society and the need to be more open with our feelings. We don't mean, let's all share our feelings and hug, or something. What we mean, is start doing something about things that drives your passion. Take our beloved friend, Honest Abe. He grew up in Kentucky and was exposed first-hand to the impact slavery had on local economies, but it wasn't until he saw slaves being traded 'like animals' in New Orleans that the fire within him was kindled and eventually led to the nation we have today. There is so much to understand about Lincoln and his drives to go into here, but understanding there is a difference between complaining about a problem and advocating for a solution. Lotta crap going on and it's time to become active and passionate in actually creating a solution. Buckle up for what will be sure an enthralling conversation!