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The Halloween Facade

That means 'false front', in case you were curious.

Nov 07 2018

There is more to life than HoHo's and Dr. Pepper, you know. Sometimes it means taking responsibility and foregoing the desire to hide behind a mask.

Just when you thought Halloween was over, Jack shows us how we might be living out every day behaviors as if it were Halloween. It is election day so responsibility is right in the middle of the maelstrom. Being responsible has so many different facets that we could spend the rest of the year just talking about them, but it is important to understand its basic, fundamental meaning and application. Being responsible has humility right there at its core, but also empathy. See what we did there? It's pretty easy once you get it rolling, so whether you are in your car, at the office, or at home, grab your juice box filled with your favorite drink and get your notebooks ready. Jack and I will be unpacking Responsibility and Superficiality from our HEROIC model this week and how they apply to our every day lives.