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The Lincoln Tunnel

No, we don't mean the real Lincoln Tunnel!

Oct 08 2018

What we're really talking about is 'tunnel vision'. That nasty little behavior where we lock into our own preconceived notions and let that run rampant in the worst possible way.

It's like all these topics seem to regurgitate one another! Or, does it mean they are more connected than we realize? We believe it is the latter. There is no simple path through life, no easy one-liner from Facebook, no perfect human being that can truly understand or demonstrate the best way to 'be'. What we're talking about here is the age old problem of letting our biases, preconceptions, and misconceptions dictate our behaviors, and subsequently our interactions with others. Our selfish emotions are always at war with our better-knowing-self in trying to create self-promoting and survival behaviors because when it gets down to it, you gotta look out for number one, right? WRONG! We need to be more Humber, Empathetic, Responsible, Open, Introspective, and Collaborative (where have we heard this before? That's right! Be HEROIC!). Strap in for a long one, we get a little cray-cray on this one.