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Favorite Paul Harvey memory, go!

Oct 12 2018

There is a sneaky little aspect to HEROIC that Jack stumbled on (and I get to be the one to talk about it! HAHA), and that is being vulnerable.

This HEROIC thing is certainly taking on a life of its own. It just gets deeper and deeper the more we look at it. We have discovered how all the pieces intersect and enhance one another. We have found how they all exist in and because of social connections. More importantly, we recently noticed that each of the six components have a much-needed, and anxiety-producing component of VULNERABILITY. That word just conjures up so much ickiness in our lives, doesn't it? Makes us envision big, burly dudes sittin' around a campfire huggin' and cryin' or something, but that isn't it at all. is kind of the same thing, so just be careful in how you use it, right? Got a lot of great news in this episode so what are you waiting for? Get goin!