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The Tip Jar

Want a tip? NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Apr 02 2018

Sorry for the late posting on this one. Ironically, duty called. Why do we tip? What is meant by the tip we leave? Are we snobs? Is it expected? Is it fair or unfair (to everyone, employee, employer, customer)? On tonight's belated episode, we dig into this and much, much more, but no guns! Haha, JK.

A wise man (well, Jack) once said, tips are like daisies: easily given, not really edible. Uh.. yeah. Not sure how that relates to our topic tonight, but we do talk about tips and what they mean to our current society as well as our discussion on leadership. All too often we give tips our of compulsion or societal pressure, but why? Why do we need to tip many of the individuals that we do? Why do we tip valet drivers? Why do we tip pizza drivers? Our purpose is not to dissect this dilemma so much as it to look at the underlying issues brought on by the lack of effective and compassionate leadership. As a society, our great nation has lost sight of what a truly rewarding job does for the soul, the psyche, and a worker's output (this is that whole 'intrinsic' thing we keep blathering about). Despite many rap tunes, it is in fact, NOT all about the benjamins. It is, in fact however, about Benjamin; and Suzy; and Tom; and Sandra; and on and on. Make the reward for the people and about the people. We go to work to feel purposeful, to feel we are contributing to society in some capacity, that our efforts enrich the life of someone else. That takes a lot of support and norm-setting by our organizational cultures. As someone once said, 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast.' Stop trying to save a penny and start investing in the people. #ShamelessPlus #CrackTalkJuiceBox