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Habit #7: Sharpen The Saw.

Aug 20 2018

So...this one turned into more of a book review (for a different book) than covering the last topic. Oh well, the book is THAT GOOD!

As per the usual, we veered a little on this one. So you may have heard us discuss 'A First-Rate Madness' by Dr. Nassir Ghaemi on the last episode, and since Jack went out and bought it, we just HAD to discuss it this episode. Don't worry, we still cover Dr. Covey's seventh habit, 'Sharpen The Saw' and all its chewy goodness, however, we did have to talk about Dr. Ghaemi's book for a but because it is just that darn good! There is much crossover between the two, believe it or not, and there is a lot of crossover with those two books and all of our podcast episodes, believe it or not. Is it extraordinary or expected though? You may have heard the ol' management adage, 'What gets measured, gets done.' In a very similar fashion with psychology, 'What gets studied, gets diagnosed,' so it does beg the question, do all of the topics really correlate and corraborate or do the topics themselves manifest in these books? Chicken or the egg, elephant or the horse? You decide.