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Are all spiders really bad or do we just misunderstand them?

Oct 03 2018

What do we have in common with the Aitoliko Spider? NOT A STINKIN THING! But...we do attribute bad things to them (and others) based on pre-conceived notions, i.e. fundamental attribution.

Fundamental attribution error is something you've heard us talk about many times, but we've never really dug into it. Tonight, in the second of a two-part Jack solo, we learn more about how it functions, how it impacts us, and how we can better deal with it when we are faced with it. There really isn't any beneficial purpose in contributing or engaging in fundamental attribution (which, if you haven't joined us, means you attribute certain qualities to a person based off of certain behaviors; someone cuts you off in traffic, you assume they are a jerk, as opposed to realizing they may have an emergency). This type of cognitive reaction can only be negative. It serves no constructive or beneficial purpose, but it is something each and everyone of us deal with so if we can learn to recognize it when it happens, we can stop it before it causes harm. Make sense? Okay coconuts, shout us out on Twitter or Facebook and get your Crack Talk Juice Box today!