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Win Some Lose Some

Habit #4: Think Win-Win.

Aug 09 2018

But you live. You live to fight another day. Well, it may be quite as drastic at that, but we are talking about the true nature of compromise; not concession, but true collaboration. How's that for alliteration?

We can sum up habit number 4 in one word: empathy. That's right. It's all about truly understanding the other person to really be able to come to a mutual and mutually beneficial resolution because let's be honest, no one likes conflict and to lose a 'conflict situation' feels like we lose part of our stake in life, right? We have to learn to let go of our deisres to best the other person, or get to the front of the line, or have the highest grossing podcast on the planet. Let's take a look at how we can help others and in doing so, we will find that we have helped our own purposes much more than anything else we could have done. Yes, there are those who seem to succeed (or get away with) everything they do, but they are the exceptions, not the rules. Be rulers (as in, measurement tools) people! Peace out coconuts.