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You Spin Me Round

Like a record baby

Jan 28 2018

And that's a wrap! Season 1 is in the bag and we have two very special guests with us to go out in style.

This is the final episode of season 1. Last week we started the conversation of bullying and how social media is impacting it but also the way we interact. There is much more to solving the issue of bullying than expecting one single entity to correct it. It will take a concerted and compassionate effort from the schools, the government, organizations, families, teachers, friends, neighbors, coaches, and the list goes on. This is a complex and difficult topic but one that warrants our full attention as the number of kids we lose to suicide each year is unjustifiable. Join us tonight as we welcome Dr. Clyde Hedgcoth (PhD in research psychology, substance abuse counselor) and Pamela Godsey (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor) to help us look at this problem psychologically and sociologically, and maybe even make a few Super Bowl picks (go Eagles! haha, take that Jack!). Don't forget, we still want you, our lovely little coconuts, to join us on our next episode so get on Facebook ( or our website and let us know. We would love to have you on!